I’m a born and raised New Yorker.

But despite having lived in the Big Apple for my whole 25 years of life, I still get amazed at this magnificent city that I am fortunate enough to work and play in every day (when I’m not traveling!)

The city of New York is a one-of-a-kind wonder; a destination that provides so much to see and do. From the landmarks and monuments, tourist attractions and hidden gems, to the food, the parks, the views, the street art… there is beauty everywhere!

It’s actually overwhelming, even for someone who calls the city home.

Just picking which one of the five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Staten Island) to explore on any given day can be a tough decision.


So let’s just start with Brooklyn

Brooklyn, one of New York City’s five fantastic boroughs, sits on the western end of Long Island and is separated from the isle of Manhattan by the East River.

The various neighborhoods of Brooklyn range from the hipster-haven Williamsburg — a cultural culmination of indie music, art and nightlife — to beachfront Coney Island and its amusement parks (which is having a major revival!). Let’s not forget Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, which are among its row house–filled districts, or Red Hook, the waterfront neighborhood with factory-style buildings and some damn-good lobster.

Whether you begin your journey in Manhattan and opt for walking the bridge (you can choose from the iconic Brooklyn Bridge — built in 1883 — or the Williamsburg Bridge), or use New York Mass Transportation (subway number 4 or 5), there’s plenty to do once you get yourself across the East River and into the most gorgeous borough, Brooklyn.

girls hand holding three ice cream cones in american flag

What to do

You can explore some of these fantastic neighbourhoods, such as DUMBO (which actually stands for Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass), Red Hook, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens, or Park Slope, just to name a few.

Eat at Smorgasburg — a flea food market that is the mecca of delicious, New York-based, food vendors all in one place, with a view of the Manhattan skyline perfect for photo-ops. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and explore the Japanese garden. Sip a brew from Brooklyn Brewery, hang out with the hipsters in a boutique coffee shop, or just wander around admiring some of the beautiful street art.

Brooklyn, New York is home to the famous, the artistic, the wildly talented and the starving creatives. A melting pot of cultures, cuisine and fashion – there is something for everyone to experience in ‘The BK.’

To quote the late, great Notorious B.I.G, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”

Get inspired by New York

Here are 15 of my personal photos from wandering and exploring Brooklyn. I hope these will inspire YOU to visit sometime soon.

Red Hook neighbourhood
bench in front of street art on wallIMG_1637

street art

street art, colorful

The Brooklyn Bridge

view of manhattan skyline

pretty, smiling brunette on brooklyn bridge on sunny day

brooklyn bridge, view of New York City

view of bridge from riverbank with skyscrapers behind Dumbo neighbourhood



Park Slope neighbourhood

front of pretty brownstone with mural painting

Williamsburg neighbourhood, Brooklyn

smorgasburg, view of New York

Have you been to Brooklyn before? What are your favourite things to do and see? Let us know in the comment section below!