I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I once considered not traveling because of my figure.  

It was when I was planning my trip to Thailand, facing a month of skimpy tanks and bikinis, and my confidence was down in the gutter.

“If I plan the trip for x date, that will give me y months to get fit enough to go,” I thought. Except I knew I would never really get fit enough to look like I thought I needed to, which made me want to give up and not go at all.

And I’m willing to bet I’m not the only person in the world who has thought or felt something similar.

I was 26 years old and not comfortable with my body, which is completely ridiculous considering I’m one of those people who doesn’t give a crap about what people think.

Part of it was because I’d been brainwashed by what society’s idea of an “acceptable” body, the other part was all in my head.

traveling with curvesAfter fiddling with my tour dates every day for weeks, I finally got so exasperated with the idea of needing to change myself to travel, that I just said to hell with it and paid for my ticket. I was going traveling with curves and that was the end of it.

Instead of focusing on what I saw as my flaws, I tried to focus instead on what I loved about myself. And it worked! I went to Thailand and confidently rocked my bikini body by putting a bikini on my body and flouncing around on the beach.

Nobody said anything to me to make me feel like I wasn’t accepted for not being a model size. Nobody burst into flames when they laid eyes on my scantily clad figure. The only thing that did happen, besides getting a sunburn, was that I gradually started to accept myself.

traveling with curves

Since then, I have travelled to ten more countries, and not once did I give a crap about my curves. I even sprawled on a nude beach in Nice and got my tan on.

The thing is – if you don’t like what you see then don’t look at me. I don’t care anymore and you shouldn’t either!

If someone tries to make you feel bad for traveling with curves, I encourage you to picture yourself punching them in the throat and then pity them, because their closed-mindedness is stopping them from seeing how amazing you actually are.

Confidence is the key to all your beauty – because you are beautiful. If you don’t believe it, find a way to prove yourself wrong! Your shape does not dictate what you can or cannot do, or if you should or shouldn’t be happy.

Put on that dress, wear that bright lipstick, strut down the street. It doesn’t matter how, just move forward through your life with confidence. I promise you will feel better for it.

So please remember: You don’t need to look a certain way to travel anywhere. You are already confident, strong, and ready to take on the entire world. So go! 

  • Sabrina Barbante

    Stereotypes about female beauty is something I’ve been dealing with i several workshops! You are so right! I think that dealing with self acceptance would be much easier if female beauty wasn’t so stereotyped. That’s why I love blogs! There’s plenty of diverse models to look at and you can easily understand that to be cool, happy, the center of your life, you don’t need to be ALL MADE IN THE SAME BORING WAY.
    Great post!

    • Carly Moore

      Yep, again I am in complete agreement. The beauty of blogging is that it encompasses all sorts of people. It shocks me how much women tear down other women as well. We’re all beautiful, and that should be the end of it.

  • Great post Carly! I flit between not giving a f**k and hating my body so this hit home for me. I love, love, love the how to get a bikini body picture! K x

    • Carly Moore

      Keri, I can totally relate. It’s a full time job being care free and trying to love yourself. And thank you! I love the picture as well, it’s all kinds of truth.

  • Brianna

    Awesome post! Nothing makes me criticize myself more than when I’m scrolling through instagram and I see all these skinny travelers laid out on the beaches, or perfectly posed against street art. I may not have the body for great pics like this, but I can rock out a pizza like nobody’s business! 😉

    • Carly Moore

      I completely agree! Instagram starts to wear me down a little if I spent too much time on it. Rock your body and rock that pizza. By the way, you are stunning.

  • This is such a wonderful post, and so very true! It definitely gets disheartening when I scroll through my instagram feed only to constantly see model-like girls constantly being featured on different travel accounts. I truly hope no person out there ever feels discouraged from traveling on account of their size! Our bodies are our bodies for life, and we should love them for all they can do for us.

    • Carly Moore

      Yes, I get frustrated with that as well. I get that some of it is PR and all that, but not all girls who are traveling the world are skinny blondes with a gopro. (No offence to those lovely girls!) Diversity is what makes travel amazing, and that should be reflected in the travellers as well. Thanks for reading!

  • Great positive post. Who we truly are inside is worth much more than what we look like – it’s difficult to remember this all the time though! We are all beautiful, and if we are confident in this knowledge then our beauty will radiate. Thanks for sharing!

    • Carly Moore

      Thank you Helen! I love the way you summed it up. “If we are confident in this knowledge then our beauty will radiate.” So perfect!

  • I love this post. Always thought I am the only one feeling this way. I never actually did not travel though, but I felt bad. This post actually gave me some confidence. Thank you so much.

    • Carly Moore

      You’re not alone! Hone your confidence girl and enjoy your travels <3

  • Gemma

    Go you Carly. Typing in a bikini and eating crisps in Marbella!

    • Carly Moore

      Hahaha I love it!

  • 🙂 somehow I feel more beautiful &more confident when I travel:)