A vast majority of female travellers out there seem to be single.

They don’t want to be tied down in relationships, planting their feet in one place and taking on the role of housewife. They require freedom to make their own decisions and the time to roam about without having to make it home to put supper on the table.

That’s the biggest thing that terrified me about getting married.

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I’d been in a loving relationship with an incredible man for six years. He was my soulmate, my best friend and the only person who knew me better than I knew myself.

We had both finished our university degrees and it was time to start making decisions for our future. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man, but I also wanted to travel the world. I felt completely torn.

Well, after being married for almost a year now, I can whole heartedly say: Ladies, you can be married and still travel.

Marriage does not have to mean the end of your freedom. It does not have to mean that you give up on your dreams of seeing the world. It just means there’s another part to the equation.

If you’re married, engaged, or considering saying “yes” to that special someone, here are some things to consider if you’ve still got the itch to travel.


I know, everyone says that communication is the most important part of a relationship. Well, they’re right. Open communication about your travel dreams with your partner is extremely important. Your significant other needs to be well aware of your intentions to travel.

Perhaps they want to travel with you. Perhaps they’d rather stay home and let you do the adventuring. Discuss ways that you could fit travel into your life together, before putting that rock on your finger.

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Take Shorter Trips

Unless your partner is willing to pack up and travel with you, long-term travel may be out of the question. Being away for long periods of time can be stressful in a marriage relationship, so you have to be willing to compromise and take shorter trips.

This doesn’t make you any less of an adventurer. It just also makes you a responsible relationship partner.

The Issue of Money

This can be a difficult one. Your traveling may mean that you’re not actively bringing in income to share in your marriage. This can be stressful on the both of you.

To minimize the stress, set up a savings account which you can use to fund your travels. Make sure you’re honest with your spouse about finances, make financial decisions together, and be willing to make sacrifices so you can save.

Look at options to travel in cheaper destinations, and be sensitive to the fact that you get to explore the world while your partner is stuck at home working.

Make Time For Your Partner

While you’re off exploring another European capital, you can become distracted by incredible sights, delicious food, and great new friends. Your schedule fills up easily and time flies by.

At the same time, your partner may be at home going through the daily routine and missing your presence terribly. While you’re traveling, make time for your partner.

Arrange a time to Skype and check in with one another. Send some texts and photos to let them know they’re still on your mind.

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Stay Faithful

Solo travelers often have crazy stories containing keywords like “drunk” and “hookup”. It’s important to remember that while you’re out in the world meeting great new people, you are still married.

Nothing creates more stress in a marriage than having to return home and confess your infidelity. The best option is to keep a clear mind. Don’t let yourself get too lost in parties or alcohol. Don’t let yourself get entranced by smooth foreign accents.

Keep the love of your marriage at the forefront of your mind as you take on the world.

Be Present at Home

When you come home from your travels, it is important to be present with your spouse. Don’t get stuck in your head thinking about all the fun you’ve had, and where you want to travel next.

Devote your time and attention to your partner. Express gratitude for their support in your dreams, and use the time at home to work on growing your marriage. The stronger your relationship, the less stressful it is to travel.

Support Your Partner’s Dreams

Marriage is a partnership. It’s about teamwork and sharing. It’s about working together to achieve each person’s goals. While your partner is supporting your dream of traveling the world, it is important to return that support.

Do what you can to help your significant other live out his or her goals. It may mean putting your own dreams on a temporary hold, but for the right person, it is worth it.

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You don’t have to get stuck choosing between a strong, beautiful marriage and the chance to travel the world. When you’ve found the right partner and considered all of the above points together, you can fulfil your need for partnership and your need for travel.

What do you think ladies? Is the thought of being married something that you think will stop you from travelling?