I don’t know about you, but I hate packing for trips.

My usual tactic is to procrastinate, do washing mere hours before I need to stuff clothes in a suitcase (or my massive backpack) and then panic and overpack. It’s quite appalling, really.

travel capsule wardrobe

I got very frustrated with myself on my last lengthly trip, just because I was hauling way too much stuff around with me, most of which I never unfolded. I wasted precious hours waiting at luggage carousels for my seemingly never-going-to-appear checked bag. I stepped off whichever mode of transportation I had used, trying to prepare myself for the meltdown I’d likely have if my bag was lost.

Does any of this sound familiar?

This year, I made a pact to do all of my 2016 travels with only carryon luggage. I obsessed over packing articles and Pinterest until I discovered a fashion/packing miracle: the travel capsule wardrobe. Honestly, I’ve been living under a rock or something to not have known about this!

I applied the fundamentals to what I already own, fit it all into one carryon sized suitcase and shouted hallelujah! Packing was suddenly so much easier!

Combining all that with what I’ve learned about fashion since moving to Europe, I came up with my own travel capsule wardrobe that I’ve been dying to share.

euro trip capsule wardrobe

I don’t have a luxurious bone in my body, so my fashion supplier comes in the form of Primark and Everything 5 Pounds. Yep, I get to keep my expenses low while looking fashion savvy!

The most expensive piece in my capsule cost £14 and that’s my waterproof trench. I own all these pieces with a few variations in colours and can make at least a dozen different outfits, going a month without anyone asking why I’m wearing the same thing.

Travel Capsule Wardrobe:

1x White Fitted Tee
1x Pink Loose Top
1x Black Tank Top (doubles as sleeping top/workout top)
1x Denim Chambray Shirt (for layering and changing looks)
1x Wool Jumper
1x Black Leggings (for layering, under dress or workout pants)
1x Dark Denim Jeans
1x Cotton Shorts (doubles as sleeping bottoms)
1x Floral Chiffon Dress (dress it up or down for night/day look)
1x Waterproof Trench Coat
1x Bathing Suit
2x Bra, 5x Underwear, 5x Socks
1x Belt, Jewelry, Hat, Sunglasses (for accessorizing and sun protection)
1x Scarf (for accessorizing, beach towel/coverup, changing looks)
1x Black Chelsea Boots
1x Tan Strappy Sandals
1x Large Handbag (for carrying electronics on plane and day bag)

travel capsule wardrobe

Don’t forget you’re going to wear one of these outfits plus the coat on the plane/ship/train/car, so in reality, you’re not actually packing a lot into your suitcase.

Add your other essentials and zip that baby up. Pack your travel necessities and your camera in your day bag, grab your passport and get to the airport – cause you’re ready for Europe!

Do you use capsule wardrobes when you travel? Share in the comments!