Our Team

Sabina Trojanova

The Baws!

Sabina Trojanova is the founder of Girl vs Globe - a blog about her personal style and international journeys. Unafraid of being unapologetically authentic, her stories inspire and empower a rapidly growing community of young women, showing them how to be the leading lady in the story of their life.

Lucy Sheref


Travel Journalist Lucy is the editor of Girls vs. Globe and all around Sabina fangirl ;) A lifelong beauty junkie, with an adventurous soul, she writes all about her escapades over at her blog WanderLuce. A feminist through and through, she is inspired by strong women and lives to create content that will inspire you to travel.

Aditi Mayer

Photographer, Writer, Artist

Visual storyteller exploring the crossroads between artistic expression, culture, and social action. Blogger at ADIMAY.com. Instagram: @aditimayer

Amanda Keeley-Thurman

Travel Writer/Family Travel Blogger

Amanda is a travel writer and family travel blogger. Based in Orange County, California, Amanda is a busy lady, raising two children, bartending by night and traveling the world. She loves sharing tricks to help others travel easily, affordably, and frequently.

Andrea Goldstein

Travel Blogger

Andrea, the Fearless Flashpacker, is a U.S. Navy veteran who loves to travel the world, with only a carry-on and a stuffed camel named Humps.

Beth Gregory

Beth is a journalism graduate, passionate writer, and aspiring yoga teacher. She has backpacked through South East Asia, lived in a van in New Zealand, and completed a working holiday in Australia. She's currently living in Bristol, UK and saving up for her next big adventure.

Birgit Ottermann

Journalist, travel and lifestyle blogger

I'm a Cape Town-based journo and singer with an incurable case of wanderlust. My blog GrooveisintheHeart.co.za is my happy place where I share the many things that inspire me: from my travels to my love of music, art, books, nature, good health, creamy chocolate and the amazing people who cross my path.

Brie Goumaz

Hi, my name is Brie Goumaz of Chasing the Wild Goose. I travel part time as much as I possibly can. I love adventure travel, food, and doing it all on a budget. I have two dogs that keep me busy at home in my current city of Seattle, WA.

Brittanie Hawkes

Adventure Taker || Dream Chaser || Mischief Maker A frequent flyer with a plan to not only see this world but make a difference in it!

Camila Contreras

Camila is a Montreal born and Scotland based blogger, freelance writer, wannabe author, book sniffer, aspiring foodie and wanderluster.

Camilla Gash

Camilla has lived and worked on four continents, including a summer at Disney World, an NGO in Ghana and a recent year in Paris. Once she graduates this summer she will be heading out to China for the year to teach English.

Camilla Riis

Beauty, travel & lifestyle blogger

Camilla is a 24-year-old Danish girl, currently based in Amsterdam. She travelled for the first time when she was 10 months old and went to the US, and since then she's been obsessed with travelling. Apart from travelling, she is also in love with the world of beauty, which she shares her passion for on Cammi.dk

Carly Fowler

Travel Blogger and Full-Time Career Girl

A wandering soul from Australia, Carly is the avid photographer, writer and adventurer behind the travel blog Let Us Wanderlust. When she's not sharing her travel inspirations, practical tips, useful guides and beautiful photographs on her blog, Carly happily balances a full-time career with a life of travel and is living proof you don't have to quit your job to travel the globe!

Carly Moore

Travel Blogger

Carly is the girl going out-of-bounds for the ultimate world adventure. She recently moved back to her country of birth, England, and is embarking on a quest to explore all of Europe and to step foot on all 7 continents. She also hunts for UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Carol Guttery

Travel Writer, Photographer and Founder of Wayfaring VIews

I am a travel writer and photographer for Wayfaring Views. And I'm also a Philanthropy Consultant. I scratch my travel itch by wandering the world looking for interesting cultures, taking awesome walks and nibbling tasty cheeses. You can often find me deep in a book and I’m a firm believer that books inspire travel (and vice versa).

Ciara Gunn

Based in Dublin however hailing from Cork in Ireland I love day adventures, food, looking for happiness. Working in insurance and aiming for full time tourism.

Claire Wang

Travel Blogger and Photographer

I'm an American traveler with my head in the clouds and my feet as far around the world as they can take me. When not ignoring my responsibilities to read travel blogs, you can find me blogging at Adventure at Work!

Elizabeth Sellers

Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

Elizabeth is a freelance blogger, writer, public speaker and social media consultant. When she doesn't have her nose in her laptop she can be found travelling the world as a digital nomad, trawling through car boot sales or rustling up her favourite foods in the kitchen.

Emma Walsh

Travel Blogger

Emma is a blogger, photographer and graphic design enthusiast. She's a day dreamer, lover of coffee and enjoy's a good book. Emma often looks for beauty in the unseen and admires both the small miracles and great adventures. Forever looking up at the sky; head in the clouds, feet on the ground. She seeks adventure and inspiration from the world.

Erica Coffman

Erica is a photographer, podcaster, blogger, and traveler who loves all things exciting, delicious, and four-legged. When she's not behind her computer writing or editing photos, she prefers to be snapping photos of the world with The Manini Experience or photos of people in love with Erica Kay Photography, spending time with her favorite humans, going on adventures, watching trashy TV, playing fetch with her dog, reading, sleeping, or drinking sweet wine or dark beer.

Gemma I Two Scots Abroad

Travel Blogger I Two Scots Abroad

Gemma has packed up her past life as a teacher in Scotland to backpack the Americas & Europe for 18 months. Join her (and her newly appointed husband, Craig,) as she skis in B.C, surfs in Nicaragua and parties in Portugal!

Helena Budilova

Traveling since childhood, first solo trip taken at 16 years old. Helena, but mostly called Helča, just graduated from the high school and she has already traveled all around Europe and also had a chance to volunteer in Africa.

Inês Pinto

Inês is a travel and lifestyle blogger dedicated to making this world a better place. On The Wanderlust Factory, she shares her latest adventures and blogs about sustainable travel.

Jennifer Dobson


I'm Jenny- a professional photographer with a love of nature and a passion for travel. I'm a Google trusted photographer, an FAA certified drone pilot, an Expedia virtual tour photographer and a member of the International Travel Writer's Alliance.

Jiřina Čančíková


Jiřina is a dreamer, language enthusiast, never-ending student and big food lover. She loves travelling, but prefers returning to the same places over visiting new ones. She'd rather stay longer than travel around. What she loves most about travel (except for the food) are the people and the way they see the world. They are the reason she travels and goes back to the same places over and over again.

Kalee Fambrough

Travel Blogger

Kalee is a travel blogger and postgraduate student currently living in London, England. She has traveled to 12 countries so far and has no plans of slowing down. She runs her own travel blog where she gives advice on travel and how to afford different places while being a student. She will finish up her Master's in September and has no certain plans after that.

Laura Nalin

Laura has been notoriously bad at sitting still since she was a child. As a result, she's been living and working abroad since 2013 after she decided she wanted to see what life was like outside of America. After having spent two years living in Asia, she's off to New Zealand next to hike lots of mountains. Her hobbies include trying to get cats to pay attention to her and attempting to get other humans to listen to the band Phish.

Laura Pitcher

Travel Blogger/Photographer

I'm Laura - I'm a Dallas based travel writer and photographer. I'm a lover of Disney Theme Parks, all far away lands, all forms of caffeine , wit, fashion, fast talking, and trash T.V. Join me, as I check off my never ending bucket list.

Leasha Waddingham

Leasha is what she likes to call at a limbo in life. Not long since graduated she's figuring out a way to travel whilst starting her career. With itchy feet and a world to discover she writes about making those big life decisions nobody really wants to make!


I love to travel!

Lydia Giles

Freelance Writer and Founder/Blogger at My Culture Craving

Lydia is a 23 year old English graduate from the UK. When she's not feeding her craving for culture and travel, you'll find her feeding her next biggest passion - food.

Melissa Giroux

Travel Writer

Melissa Giroux is a full-time backpacker and travel writer. She is orignally from Quebec, Canada and she is backpacking her way across the globe.

Michelle Serra

Michelle Serra born and raised in Stockholm, she is a professional chocolate eater, power napper and coffee drinker, and an unprofessional parallel parker. She's currently living in London, exploring as many pubs and markets as possible. Michelle has always been travelling as often as possible, and previously lived in Stockholm, Barcelona, and Hong Kong.

Michelle Wright


Michelle is a hiker, climber, and all-around adventurist. She's a bit of a scaredy cat, but that doesn't hold her back from new adventures. She's currently attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Nathalie Bangoy

Travel Blogger, storyteller

I'm a 27-year-old French travel blogger currently living in the South of France. On my blog, Borderless Travelers, I like to talk about affordable travelling as a couple and I love to discover offbeat places and activities to share them with my readers! Planning a one-way round the world trip with my boyfriend :)

Portia Yip

Writer | Photographer | Artist | Traveller

Portia dabbles between writing, photography, film, art and travelling. Telling stories, creating art, and wandering the world are her passions. Inspiring others to live a creative life of travel is her goal. Follow her adventures at www.migrantmuse.com.

Sabrina Barbante

Blogger, writer and translator

Sabrina lives alone in Lecce, the deep south of Italy. Travel blogger and novels writer, she also worksa as a translator and social media marketing consultant. She travels whenever she can - and when she can't she explores her homeland... or she reads.

Samantha Elisabeth

Writer, Founder of There She Goes Again

Samantha was bitten by the wanderlust bug a long, long time ago. When not planning her next trip or writing over at There She Goes Again, she's often found mooning over cat pictures, watching sitcoms, reading anything and everything, and enjoying a hot cup of tea. She currently resides in South Korea.

Samita Sarkar

Author, Freelance Writer

Samita Sarkar is the author of the travel memoir "I Am the Ocean," a freelance writer at Blossoms Writing, and an animal rights activist.

Sarah Attaway

Sarah is an 24-year old American expat currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam. On an average day, you'll find her curating her luxury travel blog, Sunkissed Suitcase, exploring Hanoi or teaching English. She travels in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia as much as work allows and is preparing to travel through the summer before heading back to the U.S. in the fall.

Sarah Cerange

Born in France, raised in Reunion Island, Tahiti and Ivory Coast, she has always been a traveler as long as she can remember. You can usually find her wandering in new cities, proudly excelling herself in new adventures. She is currently studying in the South of France, suffering of wanderlust and planning her next trip.

Tabitha Buchner

Travel blogger

Tabitha is the co-founder of the travel blog We Found A Way. Thanks to her degree in international development, she gets to wander off the beaten path and experience other countries and cultures in ways she never imagined! Born and raised in the flat north of Germany, she has lived in Costa Rica, the US, the UK, Zambia and Guatemala and is currently making her way to a working holiday in Australia. Contact her for questions and ideas!

Tracey Pictor

Tracey is the founder of Journal of a City Girl, a travel blog that documents her travel tales as she embarked on a semi-nomadic lifestyle of travelling and working her way around the world with her dear husband and cat. She is a full-time blogger, chocoholic and crazy cat lady.

Vivian Lee

Vivian is a Malaysian girl who has been living in Russia for the past 5 years. She is battling a chronic disease of itchy feet. The only cure for it is to keep exploring. Founder of misshappyfeet.blogspot.com. Instagram: @littlemisshappyfeet.