South Africa is one of Africa’s top travel destinations. Located on the southern tip of the continent, it is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, cultural diversity and warm hospitality.

The reasons to visit this beautiful country are endless, however, have you ever considered getting married in South Africa? Here are six reasons why you should have your dream wedding on South African soil…

Sunshine and blue skies

Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain as seen from Bloubergstrand. (Credit: Danie van der Merwe)

Who doesn’t love sunshine? South Africa enjoys an average of 8.5 hours of sunshine per day – one of the highest averages in the world. All that natural light not only makes you feel on top of the world, it also is the number one ingredient for gorgeous wedding pics.

If you love sunsets, you are in for an even bigger treat: South Africa boasts some of the world’s most spectacular sunsets – the perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding.

Value for money

A spectacular sunset in the South African bushveld. (Pic: Pixabay)

South Africa is very affordable – even more so if you earn in dollars, pounds or euros. Thanks to the weak South African currency, you could enjoy a fabulous luxury wedding in South Africa for the same money you would have spent on a small wedding back home.

You’ll even have money left to treat yourself to an amazing honeymoon, sightseeing and shopping!

Natural beauty

If you have always dreamed about a unique and romantic setting for your wedding, you are spoilt for choice in South Africa – a country blessed with incredible natural beauty.

Whether it’s the Cape with its beautiful mountains, beaches and winelands, the semi-desert Karoo with its dramatic landscapes, the towering Drakensberg mountain range with its beautiful waterfalls, the precious wetlands and secluded beaches to the east, or the grasslands and incredible wildlife up north, you can prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

A lion in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. (Pic: David Berkowitz)

Location, location, location

A secluded beach at the Cape of Good Hope. (Pic: Pixabay)

If you would like to celebrate your big day with friends and family who are scattered all over the world, South Africa’s location could not be better.

It serves as a great central meeting point between the other continents, with roughly the same travel time from Europe, the Americas, Australia/New Zealand and the Far East. A wedding in South Africa is also the perfect excuse for your guests to add on that long-desired safari holiday.

Top-class facilities and services

The Amphitheatre with the Tugela River in South Africa’s northern Drakensberg. (Pic: Rudolph Botha)

South Africa offers excellent facilities and services: you can choose from a wide range of accommodation including 5-star hotels, exclusive game reserves and romantic hideaways.

There are many excellent restaurants offering a great variety of cuisine, award-winning wines, as well as designer boutiques for your wedding dress and honeymoon wardrobe.

And don’t forget the gorgeous fresh flowers, top-class musicians and photographers, and a first-class wedding industry with highly experienced wedding planners who will take care of every last detail.

The cherry on the wedding cake is that everyone can speak English, so there is no danger of anything getting lost in translation.


A pair of ‘kissing’ African penguins at Boulders Beach in Cape Town. (Pic: Paul Mannix)

Wake up in your dream honeymoon destination – no travel required! Are you dreaming of lazy days on a white sandy beach or at a luxury spa? Or perhaps you’d like to go on a hot-air balloon ride, watch whales or visit the southern-most tip of Africa?

How about saying ‘hi’ to the African penguins, discovering the Big Five on a thrilling safari experience or exploring the country’s diverse culture and history on a fun road trip? Or are you a thrill-seeking adventurer looking for river rafting, bungee jumping or shark-cage diving?Getting married in South Africa. South Africa's natural beauty is the perfect fit for romantic weddings. (Pix: Pexels)

Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed the most precious honeymoon memories under African skies.

Would you ever consider getting married in South Africa? What’s your dream wedding destination?

  • Carly Moore

    I love this idea! A destination wedding has always appealed to me. You can’t beat the whole package of a unique celebration plus honeymoon. Luxury wedding + safari honeymoon… hmm… need to tell my boyfriend… 😀

    • Hi Carly! Glad you’re feeling inspired 🙂 It really is a win-win situation – love and travel all-in-one. How about a wedding next summer (December/January) in South Africa? Keep me posted 😉

  • While I love South Africa so much, I think brides do need to be warned about the wind during the summer month. That has destroyed quite a few hair-do’s I would say. Also, I haven’t traveled from SA to Australia but I would say to go anywhere else is pretty far because you can’t just cross over – so to go to Asia and/America you will have to go via Europe or at least a big hub in North Africa. All doable though I must say I felt pretty remote at times getting around from SA.

    • Hi! Thanks for the visit and sharing your concerns, however, I have to disagree. There are many direct flights from cities like NY, London, Perth, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Mumbai, Sao Paulo etc. It’s far to travel to South Africa, agreed, but you can do it via direct long-haul flight to either Johannesburg or Cape Town. If your budget is very tight, you might have to consider cheaper flights with more stops via other countries, but that applies to all long-haul travel. Regarding the wind: it can get very windy in Cape Town, as is true for many coastal cities in the world, but luckily some of our best beaches are sheltered from the wind (e.g. Camps Bay, Clifton, Llandudno, Boulders Beach etc.) as well as some fab estates and wine farms. And then, of course, there’s the rest of the country that you could also consider 🙂

      • Well, I think it is far even with direct flights. For me moving back to Europe was partly because SA was so remote when traveling anywhere else. Also keep in mind that depending on the season the direct flights at least to Cape Town get cut down a lot.

        Regarding the beaches I still really disagree. I think most coastal cities don’t know what a south easterly is 🙂 I worked in photo production and wouldn’t dare to advise my team to go to Camps Bay or Llandudno most days, definitely wouldn’t send a wedding party there. Clifton too crowded for my liking – I love the idea of Boulders, do they allow parties as it is SAN Parks??

        Do you know how that works with getting legally married though as a European or US citizen? Funny because as much as I have reservations about the weather I would get married there because it is my second home 🙂

        • Wow, very interesting. So nice that you consider South Africa your second home 🙂 I guess I have been very lucky over the years when it comes to the weather and functions (I’m a musician and have performed at quite a few outdoor weddings). Another reason to get a wedding planner – they will know all the finer details 🙂 Regarding weddings at SANParks: weddings are allowed in quite a number of the national parks – most popularly Kruger Park etc. Amazingly, you can get married at Boulders Beach too (I’ve seen some beautiful pics), but I’m pretty sure they would only allow an intimate ceremony with a small number of guests. The reception would have to take place at a nearby restaurant such as the Boulders Beach restaurant, which is a 5 min walk from there. The legalise is apparently not complicated. Here’s a handy link to get you started: