Girls vs Globe accepts original blog posts, photography and video. We look for work that is high quality and will appeal to our readers – adventurous women from all around the world.

1. Spend time on the website and find out with what we like to publish before submitting. We like our posts honest, funny and open-minded. As for the topics, we love all things travel and lifestyle.

2. Make sure your article is 600+ words long – there’s no upper limit. Check your grammar, punctuation and facts. Submissions sent with numerous errors look unprofessional and will not be considered.

3. Include photos. These can either be high quality snaps you’ve taken yourself or creative commons photos (look at Flickr and Unsplash). Photos should be 1000px in width, 1400px for the feature photo.

4. Please note that we only publish stories exclusively written for Girls vs Globe. We do not accept posts that have been published on another blog, with the exception of food recipes.
Send your submissions to with “GvG Contributor Submission” in the subject.

A Few Notes On Style

1. You can use American English or British English but please stick to one. Don’t mix the spellings!

2.When writing your headlines, remember that this is your chance to ‘sell’ your story. Your keyword should, of course, but if it makes sense the try to front-end it too. Some examples of good titles are here, here and here.

3. Please try not to overuse exclamation points, and cliched words like ‘breathtaking’ and ‘truly unique’…..use your own words, and always try to tell your story in your own voice.

4. Ensure you have picked a good keyword using appropriate tools (Adwords, Google Trends etc) and ensure you add it to the Yoast plugin below the post editor.

5. Image alt-tags: This should always be filled in, and should simply be a description of the picture. For example: happy girl on sailing boat in Indian ocean.