For many, travel is a way to escape. A way to lift the stresses of life right up off of your shoulders and take in the surroundings of a new place. When people go through the heartbreaks in life there is no better comfort than a camera in hand, up in the sky, knowing in a few hours you will be touching down somewhere new.

Something I personally enjoy doing while exploring a new place, is seeing the offline parts of the world. The places that lack wi-fi but provide you with a true connection.

A breath of fresh air accompanied with a view to die for. I’m talking about embracing your outdoorsy side – even if you’re not one for trekking up a mountain – sometimes it can be worth it.

In these seven destinations for hikers… it is totally worth it.

view of rock stump landscape at the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon

Words cannot describe the feeling upon first glance at the Grand Canyon. Now imagine you get to adventure through it!

Specifically, I’m talking about the Rim to Rim hike. You do need to be trained properly, studied it a bit and have the right gear to do the entire thing.

But a kicker for those who just want a taste; you can hike as much or as little as you want! Just turn around when you think you’ve had enough (but remember it takes at least 1.5 times longer on the way back up than down.)

Location: Arizona, USA

Length: 24 miles one way

Best time to go: May – October

stunning view of sea through pebbles on beach in tasmania

Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires runs down the northeastern coast of Tasmania. It is a series of blinding white beaches, with beautiful turquoise waters and orange-glowing rock formations. The only downfall is you have to go with a guided group – but what better way to make friends and

Location: Tasmania, Australia

Length: 16 Miles

Best time to go: October – May

tourist standing in front of treasury at Petra, Jordan

The Trek to Petra

A hike through low gorges and over  high ridges, through the deserts of Jordan. There are sculpted sandstone canyons all leading to the Nabataean city of Petra, which is bound to take your breathe away.

It is one of the top destinations for hikers to spend a week of their time.

Location: Jordan

Length: 50 Miles

Best time to go: October – April

view of mountains from crevasse at everest base camp, nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Of course we’ve all heard of “climbing Mount Everest.” Well you can see the highest point on the earth during this trek, and if that’s not worth it than I don’t know what is!

Along with the beautiful views, you can experiences the cultures and people who live in the area.

Location: Nepal

Length: 70 Miles

Best time to go: March to May or September to November

creek running through green, mountainous landscape

Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass

This hike is truly all of the chapters of a fairytale packed into one. Rhyolite mountains, frozen rivers, and volcanic terrain comprise this route – which some say is not an easy one.

A plus with this hike is that Iceland has been named one of the safest places to travel alone to; although you should not hike it alone!

Location: Iceland

Length: 50 Miles

Best time to go: June to September

green trees atop mountainous landscape

Mountains of the Moon

I had to include some destinations for hikers that had animals involved! Not only will you get the chance to spot some elephants and African wildlife, but you’ll also get to see the highest peaks of Africa. Win, win!

Location: Uganda

Length: 38 Miles

Best time to go: December to March

blue skies across mountainous landscape

The Torres del Paine “W” Circuit

This hike is one through Chile’s national park of Torres del Paine. Glaciers, rock formations, hills and gorgeous all on a path that is the shape of a “W”. This one is sure to take your breath away!

Location: Patagonia, Chile

Length: 37 Miles

Best time to go: October to May