It’s easy to say we’ve tried foods from different cultures, because restaurants from around the world are so readily available to all of us now.

But eating the food a local makes for you with local produces and their insider knowledge will always take it to another level.

I’ve had the pleasure of eating food with local people from around the world and today I’m sharing delicious world dishes we should all try…

1. Fesenjoon – Iran

world dishes fesenjoon

via Ted Drake

It seems like a lifetime ago, but my last boyfriend’s father was from Iran and I still remember the food he cooked. And let me tell you, Fesenjoon is definitely something to remember.

My first memory of this dish was to think it looked pretty bad. It is basically chicken in a deep brown sauce – and I’m not a saucy girl so I thought ‘this isn’t for me’. But I tasted it and boy was I wrong! It is still one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Turns out the brown sauce is really made of pomegranate and ground walnut.

Who knew brown sauce could be so sweet and delicious? I highly recommend tasting this dish if you come across it. It is worth it!

2. Pastel de Choclo – Chile

world dishes pastel de choclo

by Anna from Postcards From the World

My family is from Chile, so this meal is deeply engrained into our culture and social gatherings. When we meet up with family, this will often be the meal we’ll eat, especially so on the Fiestas Patrias (National Day of Chile).

Pastel de choclo is very popular in many other South American countries, so you may come across it in Peru, Bolivia or Argentina.

It is basically (and literally translated as) a corn based meat pie. The bottom is a mixture composed of mince beef, spices, onions, olives and eggs (which is the same mix used for empanadas) which is topped with a corn paste.

It is very good and hearty!

3. Griots – Haiti

world dishes griots

via Michael Swan

Another dish that has been engrained in my peculiar culture since childhood – I grew up with a marvellous woman from Haiti, my mother’s best friend and almost a second mother to me. She makes the best Caribbean food I’ve ever tasted.

My favourite is definitely the griots. Griots is fried pork, which has the ‘magical’ ability of being crispy and yet tender. It’s most often served with some rice, black beans and plantain.

If you like pork, you’ll definitely like griots!

4. Varenyky – Eastern Europe

world food - vareniki in bowl

via Liane from Curiosity Strike

Varenyky is a traditional Eastern European dish that most people will surely know as pierogi. While I haven’t tasted that much Eastern European food, this is by far my favourite to date.

They are little dough dumplings that can be filled with pretty much everything. I think it is their versatility that makes them so appealing. They are easy to make and even easier to stuff in your mouth!

Because a good friend of mine is from Ukraine, I’ve had the chance to taste loads of different fillings – savoury ones, with meat or potatoes or cheese, as well as sweet ones, with fresh fruit fillings.

5. Gyeran mari – Korea

world dishes

via anokarina

Gyeran Mari is a Korean-style rolled omelette. It literally translates to ‘rolled eggs’ so you know what you’re getting. While many will have it as a side dish, I’m a big fan of having omelette as a beautiful protein-based meal, accompanied with vegetables.

I have a friend back home who is from South Korea and we once had a massive Gyeran mari together and it was delicious. I particularly liked it very warm and moist, just out of the pan.

This is another versatile meal as you can fill it or accompany it with just about any vegetable you like. I have never had it gim (a.k.a. nori a.k.a. dried seaweed) but I bet that’s delicious too!

What are your favourite dishes from around the world?